In many applications, the demands on fittings are higher than normal - high load capacity and robustness with a long service life, resistance to chemicals or simply elegant design. For this purpose, our partner Sugatsune has developed various fittings and components in stainless steel, which are used in a wide variety of applications such as furniture for medical technology or industry, in transport applications such as furniture for trains, yachts, mobile homes or airplanes.


We can offer you the following stainless steel fittings and components:

  • hooks (wire hooks, locking hooks, rocking hooks, butterfly hooks)
  • handles (also folding handles), grip shells (optionally with ventilation function) and knobs
  • locks (as spring-loaded lock, lever lock), catches (roller catches, magnetic catches), bolts (spring bolt, bar bolt, sliding bolt, lever bolt, sliding door bolt)
  • mini / miniature guide rails for drawers (full extension, 2-way-extension)
  • hinges (as glass door hinge, hinge for invisible stop, cup hinge, also with friction, damping or latching), door damper
  • flaps/lids (multi-purpose flaps / lids, optionally with damper or handle), covers
  • funnels and strainers
  • ventilation grille
  • cable bushings / cable grommets


Data in preparation - come back soon!


In general, we only present a small part of the Sugatsune (Lamp) product range on our website; however, we have access to the entire product catalog - please contact us if you do not find a product on our website!