CAN-Bus to Cloud-Interface/data logger: Remote (4G LTE), IP67

Saving data from the CAN bus of a mobile unit, e.g. a vehicle or transport system, to a data logger and evaluating them offline when it reaches a base station is a helpful way of analysing data collected while driving. However, the demands for the processing and evaluation data coming from modern vehicles increasingly require direct online evaluation, especially over very long distances. Cloud-based solutions are ideal for this purpose.


The CloudCommander from ODOS therefore combines the most popular CAN-to-USB converter from KVASER, the Leaf Light HS V2, with the power of the IoT cloud platform from market leader ODOS to offer you a complete all-in-one CAN-to-cloud data monitoring and data logging solution. On the hardware side, this requires a cost-effective and reliable interface from the CAN bus via a mobile data connection to a cloud, which meets the requirements in vehicles:

  • robust waterproof (IP67) with secure mounting options for use in all environmental conditions
  • integrated Kvaser Leaf Light HS V2 CAN-USB interface and API
  • real-time CAN data streaming via 4G cellular connection for data storage in the cloud
  • onboard UPS and memory buffer in case of power and cellular failures
  • GPS tracking and 3-axis accelerometer


On the other hand, the data from the CAN bus system must be made available to the user safely and reliably, evaluated and graphically processed. This is provided by the Remote RealTime Software CloudSoft for monitoring and analysing CAN data from ODOS:


  • Software for monitoring and analysing CAN data in real time

  • Over-The-Air (OTA) updates of the data logger configuration

  • Diagnostic protocols on CAN (OBD2 & UDS)

  • event-based triggering for streaming data, capturing CAN traces and email alerts/reports

  • virtually calculated CAN channels

  • Platform for distributed teamwork and data exchange

  • Plug-in and REST API service

  • ASAM file formats

  • certified according to the strictest IT security and data protection laws (GDPR)