The vibration actuator HAP56 of our manufacturer Geeplus consists of a laminated stator assembly with multiple poles for good force generation, and a simple armature assembly comprising a steel plate with multiple magnets forming the poles. It is, as the name suggests, responsible for generating vibrations. The HAP56 haptic actuator can be integrated into a module with steel flexures as bearings: this miniature vibration table is called VIBRO1. In contrast to big industrial vibrating tables, it does not require an external drive motor, but generates the vibration through the stator and a magnet assembly. With an AC signal the actuator is set into vibration with only a few watts. The frequency and amplitude can be varied via the control. It is particularly suitable for medical applications, as well as laboratory applications where mixing or separation of liquids is required.


The most important features of the HAP56 haptic actuator:

  • size: 56 x 32 x 15mm
  • vibrations with up to 3 - 4mm stroke
  • at 25% duty cycle and 1A current it reaches forces of over 10N


The most important features of the Miniature Vibration Table VIBRO1:

  • size 72 x 40 x 22mm, no friction wear-free construction
  • steel flexures (Flex-Bearing)
  • no friction, wear-free construction