The planetary roller screws from our partner and manufacturer Tolomatic are already used in various electric linear actuators from Tolomatic itself; now the roller screws are also offered as components, thus offering the machine builder a robust, compact option to convert from rotary into linear motion for high linear forces. Tolomatic roller screws are characterized by flexibility, long life and high efficiency. Different screw diameters and pitches are available, the length of the planetary roller screws is manufactured individually by Tolomatic.


Basic characteristics of Tolomatic's planetary roller screws:

  • long service life due to hardened steel for screw, nut and rollers
  • superior performance, verified by extensive testing
  • lead screw accuracy 0.01mm / 300mm
  • backlash 0,03mm
  • different screw diameters and screw pitches
    • screw diameter 15mm (pitch 4mm, 5mm, 10mm), max. stroke length 800.69mm
    • screw diameter 20mm (pitch 4mm , 5mm, 10mm), max. stroke length 1,036.22mm
    • screw diameter 30mm (pitch 5mm, 10mm), max. stroke length 1,691.37mm
    • screw diameter 36mm (pitch 5mm, 10mm), max. stroke length 1,665.67mm
    • screw diameter 39mm (pitch 10mm), max. stroke length 1,622.67mm
    • screw diameter 48mm (pitch 12mm), max. stroke length 1,565.72mm
  • configurable stroke lengths (see above)
  • easy integration, e.g. by custom machined screw ends and bearing journals
  • short delivery time