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Electrical actuators made to the point

Mechatronics means the cooperation of a mechanical system with an electronic control. A mechanical subsystem developed by our customer needs to work in a machine or complex system and needs to supply a coordinated and synchronised move, which fits the overall machine control. Our part is to supply according electrical actuators and the matching, maybe even integrated, electrical amplifier and controller - we call this combination Actronic.


We are your independent partner for the supply of electric actuators and their controls. We supply selected products of various partners, which we combine for you and with you into a solution package for your application; we also take care the besides the motion task your solution also is ready for the integration into the overall control system - so again, this is mechatronics.


We supply the follwing products: various types of servo motors, high torque motors (also with hollow shaft), linear motors, stepper motors, servo disc motors (in-weheel motors) and small DC- and BLDC-motors, electrical actuators like voice-coil-actuators, moving-coil-actuators, moving-magnet-actuators (Servotube-actuators, shaft motor actuators), linear motor tables and according power amplifiers or servo controller. Our servo amplifiers support fielbus interfaces like EtherCAT, Profinet or CANopen and operate from supply voltages of 12V dc, 24V dc, 230V ac or 480V ac (depending on type); also our stepper motor controllers support EtherCAT or CANopen. We supply rotary solenoids with return spring or bistable rotary solenoids and  various types of linear solenoids; for the control of our solenoids we can provide Pick&Hold-Circuits. We also supply several CAN-Interfaces like CAN-converters, CAN-cards or CAN-data loggers.


As the second set of products we supply electro mechanical and purely mechanical components like positioning hinges (constant torque hinges, friciton hinges, detent torque hinges, damping hinges), electro magnets and sliprings.




Our Suppliers

Actronic-Solutions supplies the products of the following manufacturers:
Copley Controls, Kollmorgen, PBA, PMW, Dunkermotoren, Tolomatic, Rehfuss, Geeplus, SMAC, Reell Precision, Sugatsune (LAMP), Nippon Pulse Motors, Allied Motion Dordrecht (formerly Premotec), TDS Precision Products, ODOS Solutions and KVASER.


We are currently about to introduce our English content. Please be patient with us, we will try to add  our English pages for our standard products quickly. The data sheets for most of our products are in English anyway, therefore please have a look on our German pages in case you search for something. Please do not hesitate to contact us in case you have any questions or you need any support. We would like to solve your actuator application with you and we are happy to work on custom solutions together with you!