Our partner Tolomatic offers various industrial pneumatic, hydraulic and mechanical caliper disc brakes in single or double acting version; also the combination of a mechanical spring activated brake with a pneumatic or hydraulic brake solution is possible. Ventilated disc and brake combinations dissipate the heat created in high tension applications, insuring efficient operation. Spare parts for our industrial brakes, like brake discs, friction material, bolds, hubs or seals can be offered. Applications for our industrial brakes can be found in conveyor belts, material feeding, machine parts, presses, winding machines for Tension control, etc..


Special characteristics of our industrial caliper disc brakes:

  • robust aluminum housing
  • replaceable, high-grade friction material
  • Buna-N® seals as standard
  • optionally EPR seals or Viton® seals
  • zinc plated bolts
  • disc diameter up to 406mm (16 inches)
  • further options: retractable pistons and floating brackets

Pneumatic Caliper Disc Brakes:

  • pressure up to 6.9 bar (100PSI)
  • three sizes:
  • P10: torque up to 58.7Nm,
  • P20: torque up to 113Nm
  • P220: torque up to 226Nm

Hydraulic Caliper Disc Brakes:

  • pressure up to 68.95 bar (1000PSI)
  • six sizes:
  • H10: torque up to 565Nm
  • H20: torque up to 1,130Nm
  • H220: torque up to 3,503Nm
  • H220I (cast iron): torque up to 3,503Nm
  • H441 (ductile iron): torque up to 3,955Nm
  • H960 (ductile iron): torque up to 7,456Nm, disc  diameter up to 457mm (18 inches)

Hydraulic/Mechanical Caliper Disc Brakes:

  • single acting
  • available with long, short or machined levers
  • two sizes:
  • H/ME20: torque up to 1,130Nm
  • H/ME220: torque up to 3,503Nm

Mechanical Caliper Disc Brakes:

  • single acting
  • available with long, short or machined levers
  • optionally floating mounting
  • three sizes:
  • ME20: torque up to 960Nm
  • ME220: torque up to 3,503Nm
  • MB3 (cast iron): torque up to 3,808Nm,  disc diameter up to 762mm (30 inches)