A Detent Torque Hinge holds a door, a cover or a flap in a predefined position; the number of the holding positions is limited and the according angles are depending on the specific hinge. Optionally a detent torque hinge can also include a damping mechanism for a soft-close-function. We offer detent torque hinges in plastic or metal versions.


The most important features of our detent torque hinges:

  • material: plastic or metal
  • various sizes, also miniature-detent-torque hinges available
  • 2, 3 or 4 detent positions
  • detent hinges with optional damping for soft-close-function available
  • custom detent torque hinges


We can show a very limited range of the products of Sugatsune (Lamp); but we have access to all producs of Sugatsune - in case you can't find your requested product on our page, please ask for a quotation!

type version version differnces image detent positions detent angles retaining torque(Nm) material dimensions (mm) mass (g) data sheet
MPH-20-5G2     Sugatsune (Lamp) detent hinge MPH-20-5G2 2 0°,160° 0.015* plastic/steel 11.5x5x3.8 0.46  
MPH-22G     Sugatsune (Lamp) detent hinge MPH-22G 2 0°,160° 0.018* plastic/steel 11.5x6x4.6 0.62  
MPH-30     Sugatsune (Lamp) detent hinge MPH-30 2 0°,160° 0.033* plastic/steel 13x6x6 0.98  
MPH-30-5TN     Sugatsune (Lamp) detent hinge MPH-30-5TN 2 0°,160° 0.03* steel/stainless steel 13x5x4.3 0.86  
HG-MPS2 -BL black Sugatsune (Lamp) detent hinge HG-MPS2 3 -10°, 120°, 170° 0.26(-10°,170°), 0.145(120°)(S) plastic 30x30x10.5 6.9  
-WT white
HG-YJ50 -BL black Sugatsune (Lamp) detent hinge HG-YJ50 4 0°, 90°, 180°, 270° appr.0.49(S) plastic/stainless steel 60x15x17 30  
-IV ivory-coloured
HG-FH128     Sugatsune (Lamp) detent hinge HG-FH128 2 60°,120° 10(P) stainless steel 128.6x124x33 1500  
HG-CSH63     Sugatsune (Lamp) detent hinge HG-CSH63 2 0°,100° 0.98(S) stainless steel 80x63x21.5    
HG-YC105     Sugatsune (Lamp) detent hinge HG-YC105 1 115° appr. 1.18(S) stainless steel 105x54x11 122  
CH-75 -NI nickel Sugatsune (Lamp) detent hinge CH-75 3 0°, 90°, 180°   nickel(bronze)/plastic 75x60x13 101  
-GB bronze 99
HG-RCT15-C     Sugatsune (Lamp) detent hinge HG-RCT15-C 18 5° increment 40(P) steel   173  
KA-60     Sugatsune (Lamp) detent hinge KA-60 18 10° increment 25(S) plastic/aluminium alloy 150x60x34 170  
*Due to the small size of the hinge, large deviations can occur in your application. We therefore recommend testing on a prototype.