In many applications, data from the CAN bus must be read out and stored, e.g. for diagnostic purposes. In mobile applications, for example, there is not always a permanent connection to the PC and the data must be stored locally and autonomously. For this purpose, the CAN data loggers from KVASER, the market leader for CAN interfaces, in different versions as standalone and reliable CAN data storage devices are the suitable solution. The CAN data loggers or memorators from KVASER are available in single-channel, two-channel or five-channel versions.


KVASER focuses on easy handling, high reliability and, above all, fast delivery (usually from stock). Another important criterion, e.g. for applications in medical technology, is availability over a long period of time; should a product have to be discontinued, KVASER guarantees the availability of a compatible product also for the future!


In the most cost-effective single-channel light version, a fixed memory with 1GB is installed and no software is required for commissioning. The CAN baud rate (up to 1 Mbit/sec) is detected and set and the data is buffered in a FIFO memory and the oldest data is overwritten if the memory is full. An additional memory area monitors the errors and the traffic around the error (approx. 1000 messages before/after). The KVASER Memorator Light HS v2 is always in silent mode and cannot be used as a CAN interface!


The Kvaser Memorator 2xHS v2 is both a stand-alone data logger and a two-channel CAN-USB converter; here, too, no configuration is required; SD cards with 16GB, specially tested for reliability, are included (up to 64GB are possible). The KVASER Memorator R SemiPro, also dual-channel, is specially designed for mechanical robustness and, in addition to an aluminium housing, has a soldered memory of 4GB. This addresses applications with increased vibrations and shocks. The baud rate is set on the PC.


The CAN data loggers of the Pro series are available in two-channel or five-channel versions and also support CAN-FD. In contrast to the versions mentioned above, these intended for professional use offer additional functions of message filtering, trigger and error detection. The Pro data loggers are configurable with user-specific scripts and can be programmed with KVASER t-programming.


Some KVASER CAN data loggers are also available as board-only units, so you can integrate these CAN (FD) data loggers and CAN (FD) converters directly into your application - eliminating connectors and reducing costs. Alternatively, brand label solutions can be offered for OEM customers.


Of course, there are also various free software tools for commissioning and diagnostics. Furthermore, drivers are offered for Windows and for most products also for Linux. Very helpful training documents on CAN are also provided on the KVASER website.


The data sheets on the right show a small selection. The product you are looking for is not included - no problem, just ask us!


In addition to the above-mentioned CAN data loggers, KVASER also offers some useful accessories that can be ideally combined in interaction with the data loggers:

  • CAN terminating resistor 120 Ohm, D-Sub, 9-pin, 1x male, 1x female
  • CAN hub: 3x D-Sub-9 female, 1x D-Sub-9 male; adjustable terminating resistor (120 Ω, 60 Ω, none), with universal power supply for 12V, 1A (incl. plug for EU, USA, UK and China), LED for power indicator
  • CAN adapter plug for external power supply: 1x Sub-D-female (then with power), 1x Sub-D-male (without supply), 2.0mm plug for supply, with universal power supply unit for 12V, 1A (incl. plug for EU, USA, UK and China)