Tolomatic's pneumatic cable cylinders use a cable pull for space-saving creation of a linear movement; the cable cylinders are made to measure and are therefore extremely flexible in use. In addition to some technical advantages such as the elimination of the restrictions imposed by a piston rod, they also offer cost savings compared to piston rod cylinders when strokes exceed 120 cm and offer a versatile, space-saving design. The deflection by means of a cable allows the installation to be carried out horizontally and still allow vertical movement.


For vertical applications, extremely cost-effective single-acting cable cylinders are suitable:

  • 8 different bore sizes from 19mm to 127mm
  • heads with three ports for practical connections
  • stroke lengths up to 7,137 mm
  • further options: Steel tubes, Viton® seals and switches.



The CC Series Double Acting Pneumatic Cylinders have the following features:

  • stroke lengths up to 7308 mm. Stroke lengths of up to 18 m are possible.
  • 9 different bore sizes from 13 to 127 mm
  • optional automatic tensioners keep the cable taut and extend the life of the cable and gland seals.
  • three port heads for convenient connections
  • standard tube made of aluminium; steel version for higher strength optionally available
  • optional caliper disc brakes for additional holding force in vertical applications


The compact air cylinders of the MXP series from our partner Tolomatic are rodless linear pneumatic actuators, which offer a smaller solution than piston rod actuators. They are available in 3 different bearing variants: internal bearing (MXP-N), solid bearing (MXP-S) and with profiled rail bearing (MXP-P). The 3 variants guarantee maximum flexibility in terms of price, loads, strokes, breakaway torques and bending moments.


The advantages of the MXP-N series rodless linear pneumatic acutators:

  • space-saving design
  • low breakaway pressure
  • ideal for vertical applications
  • low maintenance due to self-lubricating inner bearing
  • most costeffective version

The advantages of the MXP-S series rodless linear pneumatic acutators:

  • long stroke length (up to 5.2m)
  • high load stability
  • long service life due to large bearing contact surface
  • on-site maintenance

The advantages of the MXP-P series rodless linear pneumatic acutators:

  • highest load capacity (5,745N)
  • long service life due to reduced friction of the circulating linear ball bearings
  • space-saving design
  • low breakaway force















The BC2 series of pneumatic linear actuators from our manufacturer Tolomatic are compact rodless linear pneumatic cylinders with a black anodized aluminum housing and a rugged stainless steel band to cover against contamination.


The advantages of the rodless pneumatic cylinders of the BC2 series:

  • 6 sizes (bore 0.5", 1.0", 1.25", 1.5", 2.0", 2.5")
  • long stroke length (up to 6.9m, depending on size)
  • high load stability
  • long service life due to large bearing contact area
  • adjustable dampers
  • maintenance on site
  • various options