Our further designs in planning were created because our colleagues at Geeplus were fed up with the cable tangle on their desks and were unable to find a suitable product on the market that would allow reliable cable routing under the desk.


The special features of the cable bushings are:

  • through-hole 22mm
  • table drilling 38mm
  • table top thickness 12mm to 40mm
  • cable ball for cable length adjustment
  • further designs in planning


The cable tidies of our partner Sugatsune are available in the form of brackets for a board with a 60° angle and can be mounted either on a wall or flat e.g. on a counter. They can be used to route a cable for inductive charging to a board mounted at a higher level and integrated in an optically appealing way. Sugatsune's cable tidies can be used in a variety of applications, including bars, kitchens and receptions. Inductive charging stations can be offered as an option.



The special features of the cable bushings are:

  • angle: 60°
  • Load capacity of up to 600N per piece
  • max. cable diameter 10.5mm