Our partner PBA has been established as a linear motor manufacturer for almost 20 years, especially in the Asian market. Innovative strength, quality and technical support and service are the guiding principles of our partner. Our linear motors offer high force density, high rigidity and do not require any maintenance.


In addition to the linear motors as components, with PBA we also offer complete linear motor axes or linear motor tables with integrated guide and encoder. There are variants with both the ironless linear motors of the DX series and the iron-core linear motors of the PIX and PIXA series.


The integrated linear motors can be supplied as compact linear axis, as linear motor axis (also with several coil in a multihead configuration) and also as direct-drive gantry systems.


The advantages of a prefabricated system of direct drive axes are obvious:

  • no own design effort
  • professional assembly and testing of the performance at the supplier's premises
  • guaranteed accuracy
  • aAccess to the complete range of linear motors from PBA: wide range of choices
  • fast set-up


Of course, the integration of PBA rotary direct drive torque motors is also possible, so that complete system solutions for your drive task can be developed with you and for you.