The industrial right angle gearboxes of our partner Tolomatic are used in any sort of machinery with a master shaft to distributor the synchonised motion to various slave shafts. The gear output is rectangular (90°) to the driving shaft - our right angle gearboxes turn the power around the corner; various gear ratios and corrosion resistant versions are available. We offer two families of right angle gearboxes for different requirements regarding torque and accuracy in the applications. Our  industrial right angle gearboxes can be found in applications in packaging and production in food and beverage or pharmaceutical industry.


Slide-Rite-Gearboxes for perfect axial shaft alignment by unique floating design:

  • three gear ratios: 1:1, 2:1, 3:2
  • 45° alloy steel helical gears for high performance
  • solid one-piece aluminum housing seals gears from outside contaminants for smooth operation
  • one piece geared shaft
  • sealed high load bearings for leak proof performance
  • excellent service life
  • corrosion resistant versions available (option CR, nickel plated geared sleeves, keys and retaining rings, stainless steel balls and races)
  • easily slides axially along the drive or driven shaft for flexible positioning
  • right- or left-hand rotation to convert power either direction (bidirectional)
  • various slide through bores and keyways, metric or imperial
  • compact- and standard sizes
  • right angle output
  • torque up to 280.2 Nm
  • up to 1200 rpm
  • backlash < 1°
  • food grade versions


Float-a-Shaft-Gearboxes for axial freedom both on the drive and the driven shaft:

  • 4 gear ratios: 1:1, 2:1, 3:2, 2.5:1
  • 45° hardened alloy steel helical gears for high performance
  • with porous bronze sliding bearings (low torque) or roller bearing (high torque)
  • allows use of standard transmission shafting
  • long service life
  • can slide alinge the drive or driven shaft
  • standard, foot or flat base mounting
  • right angle output
  • torque up to 124.3 Nm
  • up to 500 rpm
  • backlash 3° - 5°