Pinch valves are used as control valves or dosing valves for fluids like water, chemicals, blood, or for air and other non-agressive media in many applications, mainly in medical, laboratory and analytical applications. The pinch valves of Geeplus offer the option to open or close the flow inside the tube without a direct contact between the medium and the valve by means of an electric actuator. Technically our pinch valves use a robust linear solenoid as the active electrical drive part and a return spring for the opposite direction. Also a a magnetic holding would be possible 


Principally all linear solenoids can be use to build a pinch valve; our push/pull-solenoids match many requirements very well, e.g. they require very little power to hold in the energised position; therfore the temperature rise is low, which is a great advantage for temperature sensitive fluids like, e.g. blood. Open-frame-solenoids on the other hand are more cost effective. Our solenoids are available with many winding options, mainly of course for 6Vdc, 12Vdc or 24Vdc at various duty cycles. Our Pick&Hold-circuits allow high starting force and low holding current. The mechanical parts which are added to the solenoid to form the pinch valve, are designed at Geeplus. The availability of many linear solenoid versions, the design capabilities and the inhouse plastic molding make Geeplus to the most flexible supplier for pinch valves / dosing valves.


Our pinch valves are available in normally open (NO) or normally closed (NC) or mixed change over (CO) configuration in multi channel versions. Also twin tube configurations can be designed. The optimisation of the overall dosing valve needs to take into account the force required for opening and closing, the properties of the material of the tube, like stiffness, the required life, the maximum temperature rise and the available power.


Geeplus took special care regarding the handling of the tube, e.g. during exchanging those – especially in laboratories the exchange of the tubes can be necessary very often per day. Therefore the pinch valve head includes a mechanical lock mechanism, so that it is not necessary to hold the cover after opening and it is easy to exchange the tube. After installation of the new tubes the cover can be realeased and the tubes are secured in the desired channel of the pinch valve.


The PDF file at the end of this page shows an example for a dosing valve for fluids/liquidsof our partner Geeplus, who can customize the pinch valve for you to suit your application.