KVASER is one of the market leaders when it comes to connecting CAN-bus networks to various interfaces. CAN-bus interfaces to USB, WLAN, PCI, PCIe, Mini-PCI-Express, PC-104 and Ethernet are offered. Interfaces as DIN rail modules (DIN rail versions) for the CAN-bus are also available.


A new feature of EtherCAN is the possibility to connect the CAN bus with the Ethernet LAN or the CAN bus via RF signals using the CAN AirBridge; this allows to bridge larger distances that would be difficult to achieve with cables, e.g. in cranes, trucks, pipelines, building services engineering etc. In this way, two CAN networks can also be connected with each other.


KVASER focuses on easy handling, high reliability and above all fast delivery (usually from stock). Another important criterion, e.g. for applications in medical technology, is availability over a long period of time; should a product have to be discontinued, KVASER guarantees the availability of a compatible product for the future!


The different CAN interfaces, LIN interfaces and CAN data loggers are offered with different connectors like ODBII and in different performance classes. The new CAN interfaces are of course CAN-FD-compatible.


Many KVASER CAN bus interfaces are also available as pure PCBs, so that you can integrate the CAN-bus interface directly into your application - so connectors can be omitted and costs are reduced. Alternatively brand label CAN-bus solutions can be offered for OEM customers.


Of course there are also corresponding free software tools for commissioning and diagnostics for the CAN-bus interfaces. KVASER also supplies the drivers for Windows and for most of the CAN-bus interfaces also for Linux free of charge. The KVASER website also offers very helpful training material for CAN bus.


In the data sheets on the right side a small selection of our CAN-bus interfaces is shown. Your searched product is not listed - no problem, just ask us!


The KVASER USB Leaf Light v2 is the most frequently purchased CAN interface. The KVASER USB Leaf Light v2 is a reliable and cost effective solution for connecting the CAN bus to a PC via USB interface.

  • easy handling
  • good EMC properties
  • Plug&Play to USB2.0 (backwards compatible to USB1.1)
  • power supply via USB
  • with electrical isolation
  • compatible with CAN 2.0A and CAN 2.0B
  • with large data buffer
  • including software and drivers for Windows and Linux
  • various connector options: D-Sub9 (standard), M2, OBDII


The development continues and Kvaser has already introduced the successor for the Leaf Light v2: the Leaf v3. Right, the "Light" has disappeared from the name, because the new Leaf v3 can really do a lot: CAN-FD capable (up to 8 Mbit/s), up to 20,000 messages per second with a timestamp resolution of 50µs, silent mode possible - and all this for the same price as the Leaf Light v2. We have both versions in stock!


The KVASER LIN and CAN interfaces are used in a wide variety of applications. In automation technology, it is a matter of connecting servo controllers or stepper motor controllers via their CAN-bus interface to the PC, IPC or a controller, usually with the CANopen protocol. But the CAN bus is also used in medical applications, in the automotive industry or in larger supply systems; here it is usually a matter of transmitting data from and to sensors, status information, actuators etc. for further processing in a processor (ECU). The KVASER LIN interfaces are hybrid versions which can be used with LIN as well as with CAN (also in mixed operation)!


The new CAN-FD DIN rail modules SE410S-X10 are a powerful interface from Ethernet to CAN-FD (4 channels), which can be supplemented by various I/O (digital inputs/outputs, analog inputs/outputs, relay modules).

KVASER U100 / U100-C / U100P rugged CAN-FD-USBA / USBC interface for harsh environment

KVASER has launched a new family of CAN bus interfaces for USB: the KVASER U100 / U100-C and U100P are the robust single-channel CAN/CAN-FD converters with USB-A or USB-C connection. The U100 series is CAN-FD capable and features very fast throughput (comparable to CAN-PCI cards!). The KVASER U100 CAN adapters are designed for use in harsh environmental conditions: reinforced galvanic isolation, IP67, robust housing make them a robust companion for development or service engineers even in outdoor applications. The KVASER U100 are compatible with J1939, CANopen, NMEA 2000® and are therefore ideally suited for battery management, electric vehicles, construction machinery, agricultural machinery, automated guided vehicles (AGVs), warehouse systems, etc. The CAN-USBA / USBC adapter Kvaser U100 / U100-C is supplied with a 9-pin D-SUB connector as standard. J1939-13 type II (01266-0), M12 (01267-7) and OBD-II (01268-4) connectors to the CAN bus are also available. The latest addition is the Kvaser U100P - the Precision version of the Kvaser U100 CAN USB interfaces. Features of the precision version include a high time stamp precision of 20 000 msg/s and MagiSync™, which allows synchronisation of time stamps between multiple Kvaser MagiSync™-enabled devices without additional cables.

NEU: KVASER CAN/CAN FD to USB real-time interface in silent mode (‘listen only’)

The Kvaser USBcan Pro 4xCAN Silent is a compact multichannel CAN/CAN FD to USB real-time interface that is always in silent mode (‘listen only’). Requirements for such devices typically come from applications such as sensitive autonomous system development, where the interface cannot affect the bus or surrounding systems. The Kvaser USBcan Pro 4xCAN Silent handles reception only of standard and extended CAN messages with a high time stamp precision. It has a USB 2.0 compliant connector at one end and four CAN channels in a single 26-pin D-sub CAN connector at the other, and includes a 4-channel breakout cable with 9-pin D-sub connectors for each channel. It is compatible with applications that use Kvaser‘s CANlib.

COPLEY CAN-BUS-Interface-Cards and CAN-USB-Converter

As a PC interface to CAN-bus networks, Copley offers single-channel or dual-channel CAN cards in PCI, PCIe or PCI-104 format and CAN-bus-USB converters (parameterization via CAN possible).

  • single-channel or dual-channel, CAN 2.0A and CAN 2.0B compatible
  • up to 1Mbit/sec
  • ISO 11898 CAN-Transceiver
  • fast dual-ported RAM memory
  • CE, UL/CSA, FCC compliant
  • RoHS compliant
  • incl. software tools for commissioning, monitoring, diagnosis for Windows and Linux









In addition, we offer a CAN or EtherCAT I/O processor modules for PCB mounting. Here the technical information:

For CAN-Bus:

  • 8 dedicated inputs for CAN address and CAN bit rate
  • 72 digital I/O
  • 12 analog inputs
  • 12 PWM outputs
  • 2 outputs for CAN status LED drive
  • CAN and RS-232
  • 32-bit Analog Filter; CPL
  • Dimensions: in [mm]
    2.00 x 2.25 x 0.225 in. [50.8 x 57.2 x 5.72 mm]
  • Weight 4.8 oz (136 g)

For EtherCAT:

  • Programmable Filters on Analog Inputs
  • Quad Incremental Encoder Input
  • 250us Update Rate
  • 80 digital I/O
  • 12 analog inputs
  • 2 analog outputs
  • 2 EtherCAT interfaces, 1 RS-232 interface
  • 1 Module Status LED (RED/GREEN)
  • 2 EtherCAT Status LEDS (RED & GREEN)
  • Dimensions: in [mm]
    2.00 x 2.25 x 0.36 in. [50.8 x 57.2 x 9.2 mm]
  • Weight 4.8 oz (136 g)


Additionally to the above CAN-bus-converters, CAN-cards and CAN-memorators KVASER also offers a few very useful accessories, which are an ideal combination to the   CAN-(FD)-converters for USB, WLAN, PCI, PCIe, Mini-PCI-Express, PC-104 and Ethernet:

  • CAN-bus-terminator: 120 Ohm, D-Sub, 9-pole, 1 side male, the other female
  • CAN-bus-hub: 3x D-Sub-9 female, 1x D-Sub-9-male; adjustable  can bus termination resistance (120 Ω, 60 Ω, without) by switch, with universal power supply for 12V, 1A (including connectors for EU, USA, UK and China), LED for power
  • CAN-bus-power inlet for external power to CAN bus: 1x Sub-D-female (then with power), 1x Sub-D-male (without power), 2.0mm standard power connector, with universal power supply for 12V, 1A (including connectors for EU, USA, UK and China)