The Actronic-Solutions GmbH your independent partner for the supply of electric actuators. Our product range includes servo motors (including foodgrade versions, also in stainless steel, IP66, IP67, IP69K), torque motors, linear motors and stepping motors, voice coil actuators, roatary and linear solenoids, and the according drives electronics including the networking components to integrate the actuator in the superseded machine control system. We supply selected products of various partners, which we combine for you and with you into a solution package for your application; we also take care that besides the motion task your solution also is ready for the integration into the overall control system - so again, this is mechatronics.


As the second set of products we supply electro mechanical and purely mechanical components like positioning hinges (constant torque hinges, friciton hinges, detent torque hinges, damping hinges), pinch valves, electromechanical clutches, industrial right angle gear boxes and industrial brakes, plantetary roller screws, electro magnets and sliprings.


The Actronic-Solutions GmbH was created in Juli 2018 as a split off of MACCON Antriebskomponenten GmbH, which was responsible for the component sales in the MACCON group since 2001. After a number of business years with good growth the owners decided that this is a good timing to look for the best business model for the future. The business was split in to general areas and therefore also the customers and the suppliers were more and more different for the two parts of the business. Also the market expectations had changed over time. This all convinced the owners, that a clear split of the two business areas would allow both parts of the company to focus on their part of the business and suit the needs of their markets better. The split off of the business unit "Elektromechanik und Servokomponenten" into the new company Actronic-Solutions GmbH allowed us to focus on "electrical actuators and electromechanical components" - Actronic-Solutions was born.


We like to work on custom solutions with you and our partners - Actronic-Solutions.


Since 2023/10/12 we are ISO 9001:2015 certified.


Our office can be reached easily, we are in in a well connected area north of Nuremberg, close to Erlangen and Bamberg, directly at the freeway A3 close to the exit Hoechstadt Ost. Therefore it is easy to get to us by car via the freeways A3 and A73  e.g.  form the south like Munich or Stuttgart or from north like Frankfurt or the Ruhrgebiet, but also from the east like Jena, Gera or Leipzig and Dresden; if you come by train we can arrange a pick up from the train station in Erlangen or Nuremberg. The closest airports are Nuremberg, Munich and Frankfurt. You are welcome to meet us in our modern office!


The Actronic-Solutions GmbH kept the long term employees and suppliers of the former business unit and therefore we were able to keep the experience and knowledge for our customers.


The Actronic-Solutions GmbH is your supplier especially for products of the following manufacturers (amongst others): Copley Controls, Kollmorgen, PBA, Dunkermotoren, Tolomatic, Geeplus, SMAC, Reell Precision, Nippon Pulse Motors, Allied Motion Dordrecht (formerly Premotec), TDS Precision Products and KVASER.


We are still friendly connected with MACCON Antriebskomponenten GmbH; they remain your source for products of the following manufacuterers: DeltaTau, ACS, Quicksilver, Allied Motion Tulsa (Emoteq), Alxion, Inductosyn, Netzer Precision, Tamagawa, Zettlex, Princetel und DACO.