Actronic consists of two parts - the actuator and the drive and control electronics. The motion controller and the power amplifier are the electronical connection between the actuator and the higher level machine control system; they are therefore a fundamental part for the coordinated move to be executed. The motion controller needs to be matched both with the actuator and the higher level machine controller, which has big effect on the performance and the costs of a motion control solution.


Today's modern digital motor controllers offer sufficient intelligence to take care of the motion specific tasks like motor commutation, path calculation for positioning or even a indexer for the specific achsis (preprogrammed motion profiles, single move tasks, etc.) which unloads these taks from the higher level machine control. This topology is called decentralised  control architecture and uses fieldbus systems  like CANopen, Profibus, Profinet, EtherCAT etc. to communicate with the higher level machine controllers. There are still some controllers for centralised control architecture, in which all the path calculation, interpolation etc. is performed by the central controller; as communication to the amplifier they use mainly analog +/-10V or digital PWM signals as commands for current (sometimes including commutation information, so called UV) or velocity.


With our partner Copley, we also have servo amplifiers and stepper motor amplifiers in our range that fulfil various MIL standards and other environmental standards and are therefore also suitable for mobile applications with increased requirements for shock, vibration, humidity and temperature range, e.g. in vehicles and driverless transport systems (AGVs), agricultural machinery and agricultural robots and military applications, even in outdoor areas.


We offer the following versions of motion controllers:

We also offer according accessories for our drives / controllers like main input filters, regen resistors, cables, motor chokes, maines chokes, capacitor modules etc. For the CAN-connection we supply several CAN-interfaces and CAN data loggers, which can also be used in applications which are not related to motion control (medical, diagnostics, data logging in all sorts of vehicles  or in automotive production etc.):

digital servo controller Xenus for 230Vac, servo drive for BLDC-motors, servo drive with EhterCAT or CANopen
digital servo controller  for DC-supply 12V, 24V, 48V, servo drive for samll voltages, servo drive with EhterCAT or CANopen
digital servo controller, servo drive with EhterCAT, Profinet or CANopen