Actronic consists of two parts - the actuator and the drive and control electronics. The actuator could just be a motor (even motor components) or the combination of a motor with some sort of mechanical subsystem, e.g. a linear or rotary motor table or a lead screw actuator, etc..


We  offer a brought selection of various motors in different technologies and power ranges:

  • high dynamic servo motors for 12V, 24V, 48V, 230V or 400V; with Resolver, Encoder (incremental, analog or digital) or absolut feedback (EnDAT 2.1 and 2.2, Hiperface, Hiperface DSL, BiSS, SSI),  optional with brake; also as kit motor (components stator and rotor)
  • servo motors for hygienic and washdown applications (in IP66, IP67, up to IP69K), foodgrade
  • high torque motors (rotary direct drive motors) as kit motor, e.g. for robotics, as cartridge with housing but no bearing, e.g. for  printing industry or as rotary table with hollow shaft, e.g. for semi conductor or photonics
  • linear motors (linear direct drive motor) as motor kit (forcer, magnet assembly), ironelss for no cogging or with ironcore for high force density
  • pancake motors: DC and BLDC pancake motors are ultra-flat electric disc motors designed for use in battery-powered vehicles (AGVs), marine, aerospace and defense applications and heavy industrial applications; windings are usually designed for 24 Vdc, 48 Vdc or other battery voltages; other windings and custom designs are possible; optional feedback devices such as tacho or encoder and also brakes are available
  • In-Wheel Motors: wheel hub motors from PMW are available as external rotor motors as direct drive or as internal rotor motors with gearboxes for installation directly in the wheel; the servo actuators with gearboxes in particular are suitable for demanding outdoor applications such as in agricultural equipment thanks to their high protection class and high robustness
  • Bespoke or Custom Motors: with PMW we have a partner who not only can modifiy existing motors but also design and manufacture motors in completely custom designs
  • small motors as DC-motors, BLDC-motors (EC-motors) (including special motors for blower in respirators)
  • stepper motors as High Torque Hybrid-stepper motors with optimized laminations or small tin-can-stepper-motors
  • gearboxes
servo motor for 24V, 230V, 400V, BLDC-Motor, servo motor with  absolute feedback, encoder, resolver, kit motor
high torque motor with hollow shaft, direct drive motors, kit motor, rotary table with hollow shaft